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Lead Steam Turbine Engineering

Tuy Phong District, Binh Thuan Province

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Time: 2014 to 2016
Project test of Apple with Iphone 6/6S:
1. MBT Project: Test for Iphone 6/6S of Button.
2. MT Project : Test for Vibration sensor Iphone 6/6S
Detailed tasks to the Project with Field Engineer:
– Be responsible read and check, analysis original design from customer to found vender have ability to supplied all parts of Testing Equipment to assurance suitable quality standards.
-Tested mechanical assembling as mention original drawing design and made report to the dimension of the drawing need to improved.
– Made procedure to installation guide, operation guide, calibration, preventive maintenance and troubleshooting guide.
– Installation to Testing Equipment including related mechanical parts and instruments control for Iphone on sites in the customers’s plant oversea China in Shanghai and Guangzhou city.
– Setting planed to test period and max production on site and reported daily and updated data in related chart including to fail, pass, good data of allowable range regarding to result testing on site.
– Coordinated to found and got best solution possible to resolve troubleshooting of fail condition on sites for Testing Equipment to improved data and efficiency cost of max production period in short term.
– Trained to local Engineer to knowledge Test Equipment including to installation guide, operation guide, calibration, preventive maintenance and troubleshooting guide.

•Time: 2016 up to Now
Job position: Team leader I&C Engineer Steam Turbine.
Job Description:
– Commissioning Toshiba Steam Turbine and BOP System in the Vinh Tan 4 TPP.
– Found out root cause any abnormal control turbine system related control valve, instrument and logic control of Engineering Computer.
– Analysed to abnormal value control such as Feedwater control, Control Valve of Boiler Feed Pump Turbine,and Main Turbine..
– Performed to simulate the related signals of the trouble for repair, calibration and replace new instruments in the DCS and Engineering Computer of Toshiba,Emerson,ABB, and PLC.
– Inspected to interlock test, Sequence Test, Ladder logic and SAMA Steam turbine logic, Boiler and BOP system.
– Found out abnormal system to give solution isolation and optimization increase efficiency Turbine and Boiler.
– Guided Operation procedure to Engineer to operate Main Turbine, Boiler Feed Pump Turbine and BOP System regarding to O&M by Supplier.
– Understanding and modify SAMA Diagrams Turbine, Boiler and Bop system to improve efficiency and stable operation.
– Deeply understanding about function code for Toshiba, ABB and Emerson system.
– To calibrated Control valve including Servo valve of Steam turbine of Toshiba, Proportional valve of HP &LP Bypass of Boop & Reuther, Electric-hydraulic converter of Hangzhou Steam turbine and positioner of control valve of Weir by DCS and Engineering Computer System.
– To carried out calibration schedule and calibrated to instruments such as Gauge Pressure, Flow sensor, Temperature Sensor, Vibration sensor, Butterfly valve, Hydraulic valve..vv.
– Prepared and performed to function test such as loop and interlock test, Operation leak test for control valve, characteristic control valve, performance test for overhaul period, protection for steam turbine, overspeed test steam turbine.

•Time :2018 up to Now
Position:Team Lead Turbine System Engineer
Job description:
– Lead to Turbine system Warranty to investigated, checked root causes, found solution with Doosan’s Warranty Teamto repaired to decreased percentage of Warranty control Log.
– Lead to I&C system and mechanical equipment such as control valve, Boiler feed pump and Booster pump, Turbine of Boiler feed pump , steam turbine.
– Planed maintenance schedule of Turbine system and BOP.
– Prepared spare parts regard individual condition other Turbine System.
– Lead to Minor and intermediate inspection for Turbine System and BOP and planed to testing, commissioning solo test, no load and load test for Boiler Feed Pump Turbine and Main Steam Turbine of Toshiba Supplier.
– Plan spare parts for Huyndai’s Pump, Control Valve, instruments for schedule production each years and Minor, Intermediate, Overhaul schedule in long term.
– Collected data, analysis and give solution to the stable and efficiency for the abnormal Turbine System.
– Carried out each incident reports in operation period.
– Cooperates with maintenance Team to find out root causes and repair abnormal systems in order to avoid shutdown Units.
– Control master list of abnormal system and performed troubleshooting.
– Report to Operation Manager and Technical Department.
– Understandings and diagnose simple Vibration.