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Thái Bình
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Customer Service Manager
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Around $2000
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Dear our valued candidates,

Our client is a foreign company in the Garment industry, they are looking for a Customer Service Manager position.

Location working: Thái Bình City _ support full accommodation from company


Customer order servicing and engagement*

Direct Deal: ensure the CS team is following the Direct Deal Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and meeting performance standards as agreed with TGA. Proactively seek feedback from TGA to help further develop the CS team’s capability.

Customer service take responsibility for:

  • Clarifying and confirming product requirements for new style samples and communicating these to the Sample room.
  • Proactively communicating to the customer product design and/or materials recommendations based on feedback, alternatives, suggestions, concerns from sample room and/or production.
  • Providing on-demand status updates to customers during the production process.
  • Responding to customer inquiries or feedback throughout the entire process from order confirmation through to post-sale end consumer feedback. Use the full expert input and support from other functions (e.g. Qa) when appropriate.
  • Fully understanding and responding to all points in customers’ communications.
  • Representing the customer by conducting random audits to monitor style and quality of fabric, sub-materials,
  • Samples and bulk garments and report problems identified to relevant departments.
  • Working with logistics to make shipping arrangements and keep customers informed of such arrangements to guarantee timely delivery.
  • Special customer requirements: assemble cross-functional teams to ensure new or special requirements for existing customers are properly understood and can be handled by the factory.
  • Customer engagement: work with cs senior manager and tga to monitor customer satisfaction and engagement, review with cs staff and implement continuous improvement programs.

Fabric and sub-materials control

  • Fabric ordering: hold immediate employees (ies) accountable for monitoring the ordered quantity based on historical order, best estimate ypd and the on-hand fabric inventory, and working with mm to agree on the order quantity. Ensure full utilization of fabrics in a timely manner to reduce the cost incurred by prolonged storage.
  • Sub-materials ordering: hold ies accountable for working with procurement processing supervisor to order required sub-materials and control leftover amount. Collaborate with purchasing, lab and production to explore more cost-effective material substitutes that satisfy customer requirements.
  • Fabric problems:

Communicate with suppliers / fabric sourcing to resolve late-delivery problems.

Communicate with suppliers / fabric sourcing to arrange for replacements / claims based on feedback from Lab / mm as needed.

Work with operations to adjust for fabric problems.

Customer-driven mindset

  • Understanding customers: within the cs team, create a deep understanding of customers and their Requirements through studying their end consumer requirements. Communicating with customers in-person, by Phone and by email. Visiting their shops. Monitoring their websites, catalogues and business news. And through regular updates from tga.
  • Total service concept: within the cs team, create a “total service” mindset, i.e. Develop a deep knowledge of customers’ requirements - enabling the ability to make proactive product and services recommendations to them. Being continuously in touch with customers during order, production and delivery. And proactively following up to status and solve problems if necessary. To determine the customers’ satisfaction levels and continuously new ways to serve them better.
  • Customer connection: implement programs to develop a committed customer-service mindset and foster Employee pride in producing for the factory’s customers.
  • Continuous improvement: continuously improve customer understanding, employee pride in producing for the Factory’s customers and a committed customer service mindset throughout the factory.
  • Internal customer engagement*
  • Cross-functional work processes: ensure cs team is following the established cross-functional work process Flows and interactions with other factory departments necessary to support garments being produced and delivered on time, within customers’ quality and quantity standards and within the budgeted cost.
  • Communication of customer orders: hold the relevant ies accountable for communicating customer orders in an Accurate, complete, and timely format to appropriate departments in and following up to confirm understanding.
  • M3 effectiveness: hold the relevant ies accountable for entering on-time, accurate and complete information on customer orders into m3.
  • Fabric and sub-materials: hold the relevant ies accountable for monitoring fabric and sub-materials delivered to Production and the sample room within the group standard for delivery lead-time, and resolve problems when needed.
  • Internal relationships: personally build relationships with managers and staff from other departments to support Effective teamwork.
  • Internal customer engagement: monitor internal customer satisfaction and engagement with cs interaction and Service/support to them, review with the cs team and implement continuous improvement programs.

Managerial leadership of immediate team

  • Business context: communicate the ‘bigger picture’ context in which ies need to plan and execute work (e.g.World, country, industry, group, customer and inter-departmental considerations).
  • Collaborative teamwork: establish process for meeting regularly and holding ies accountable for effective and Collaborative teamwork at their level.
  • Ie performance management*: agree on smart goals and assignments with each ie and provide continuous Managerial guidance and feedback. Provide support for enhancing performance in the current role, conduct midyear Progress reviews and determine year-end performance appraisal ratings.
  • Ie development*: assess the strengths and development needs of each ie and coach him/her in developing their Fsks and mlcs in line with the role profile of his/her current job.
  • Recognition and reward: provide differential recognition and recommendations for reward incentives for ies (pay, promotion, development opportunities).
  • De-selection: recommend re-assignment or termination of ies where appropriate, supported by a fair ‘due process’ and structured performance improvement program.
  • Appeals process: Provide an appeals process for employees one level down (eods) who have a grievance with his/her immediate manager (im).

Alignment with core values and culture

  • Personal alignment: understand and personally commit to the group’s core values and culture.
  • ‘Walk the talk’: lead by example and behave consistently with the group’s core values and culture.
  • Reinforcement and support: communicate and visibly use the group’s core values as guidelines for daily decision making. Support group initiatives to reinforce the core values and culture.
  • Coaching: coach ies to behave consistently with the group’s core values and culture.

Personal effectiveness

  • Assessment: take accountability for self-assessment of how to improve own personal effectiveness in the current Role.
  • Feedback: ask for feedback regarding personal effectiveness from relevant parties.
  • Development plan: pro-actively discuss ways for improving personal effectiveness with own im. Seek opportunities for learning and growth. Participate fully in development opportunities provided by the group and Consciously apply the learning from the development programs.


  • Degree holder in Garment Manufacturing or related discipline.
  • Minimum 7 years relevant experience in same position with 3 years in managerial role. Garment manufacturing experience is strongly preferred.
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • High level of independence and leadership.
  • Proficient in spoken and written English.



  • Compensation: Around $2000
  • 4 weekends off: Saturday & Sunday
  • Accommodation is provided
  • Transportation allowance
  • Onshore & Offshore training
  • Others benefits will discuss during the interview

 If it suits to you & your friends in career path, please email your resume to, call to Ms.Sa 0917 39 3344 or apply directly as below, thanks alot .


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