1.      Recruitment Consultant Trainee (unlimited quantity and time)

2.      Recruitment Consultant

3.      Business Development Officer

We care about your career development as follows:

  • Do you have passion, tendency and desire to be a HR recruiter, and wanting to help others so others can help you to be success?
  • Do you always have opportunity in recruiting high management level?
  • Do you want to approach an enormous database of candidates instead of “being in the war without weapons”?
  • Do you enjoy working in a company that allow you to use 16 different LinkedIn accounts, offering you the chance to explore 4000 to maximum 12000 LinkedIn candidates so it will be easier for your candidates finding?
  • Do you know Global companies MNC usually prefer candidates with at least 3 or 5 years of experience in headhunting when they select their Recruitment Head?
  • Would you like to work in an environment where our core values: Passion, Solidarity, Learning, Sharing & Loving are followed?
  • Would you like to work in an environment where your performance is recognized and motivated?
  • Would you like to work in an environment where BOD prioritize training and encouraging employees to learn and to share for individual improvement in life and work?
  • Do you want to achieve a balanced life and foreground spiritual and physical care?

If your answers are “yes” to the questions above, here is our requirements for you:

  • Confidence in communicative English
  • Good appearance
  • Flexibility, good communication, activeness and confidence
  • Commitment and desire for a career oriented job
  • Enjoying creating network
  • Dedication
  • Being grateful and loving everyone
  • Believing that you are best at Recruitment Consultant  

We open from Monday to Friday at 3A, Hanoi Highway, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City.

We don’t search for the best people, we search for the suitable ones. 

For more information of our company, please visit our website:

Interested candidates are welcome to send their CV to Please include in details your current salary and the salary range you expected. We would like to discuss with you as soon as possible if you are suitable.

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