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Dear Our Valued Candidates, 

Currently, HR Strategy has some urgent jobs in HR field (Management Level). Please help us to forward to your friends in your network. Thank you very much

01. HR Director_$4000 – $5000_Real Estate & Interior Design_TP.HCM

View JD:http://www.hrstrategy.vn/job/hr-strategys-client-ho-chi-minh-city-director-top-job-hr-director/

02. HR Director_$2000 – $3000_Real Estate & Interior Design_TP.HCM

View JD: http://www.hrstrategy.vn/job/hr-strategys-client-ho-chi-minh-director-hr-director/

03. HR Director_ $2000 – $2200_Hotel & Restaurant_TP.HCM

View JD: http://www.hrstrategy.vn/job/hr-strategys-client-tp-ho-chi-minh-director-hr-director/

04. HR Manager _ $2000 – $3000_Producing & Exporting timber_Thủ Đức

View JD: http://www.hrstrategy.vn/job/hr-strategys-client-thu-duc-tp-hcm-manager-hr-manager/

05. HR Manager_$2000 – $2500_Pharmaceutical_TP.HCM

View JD: http://www.hrstrategy.vn/job/hr-strategys-client-ho-chi-minh-manager-hr-manager/

06. HR Director_$2000 – $2500_Finance & Technology_Hà Nội

View JD: http://www.hrstrategy.vn/job/hr-strategy-ha-noi-director-hr-director/

07. HR Manager_$2000 – $2500_Foreign Textile_Tây Ninh

View JD: http://www.hrstrategy.vn/job/hr-strategys-client-tay-ninh-manager-hr-manager-textile/

08. HR Manager_$2300_Manufacturing_Đồng Nai

View JD: http://www.hrstrategy.vn/job/hr-strategy-dong-nai-manager-hr-manager/

09. HR Manager_$1400_Agriculture (Livestock – Fertilizers)_Bình Phước

View JD: http://www.hrstrategy.vn/job/hr-strategy-binh-phuoc-manager-hr-stratery/

10. HR Officer_$1000 – $1300_Foreign Textile_Tây Ninh

View JD:http:// http://www.hrstrategy.vn/job/hr-strategys-client-tay-ninh-specialist-hr-officer/

Other jobs: 

Please contact Ms. Sang via email resume@hrstrategyvn.com or call/zalo/viber 0918 082 881, ID Skype: sangrom for more supports.

By the way, please kindly send us your valuable update resume for our consideration and if you have any concern, please kindly contact us back.

We are always available to support you.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks a lot.

HR Strategy (Headhunter Tuyen dung nhan su cap cao)

HR Strategy (Headhunter in Vietnam Market) 

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