Urgent Job Posting in Finance and Accounting Fields_From HR Strategy

Urgent Job Posting in Finance and Accounting Fields_From HR Strategy

Dear Our Valued Candidates,

HR Strategy (Headhunter – Tuyen Dung Nhan Su Cap Cao) would like to give you & your friends some jobs opening in urgent need of Finance and Accounting fields from our clients as follows:

1. Accounting & Finance Manager_Pharmacuetical_$2000 – $4000_HCM

View more here: http://www.hrstrategy.vn/job/hr-strategys-client-ho-chi-minh-manager-top-job-accounting-finance-manager/

2. CFO _ Famous Investment Company_$3000-$3500_HCM

View more here: http://www.hrstrategy.vn/job/hr-strategys-client-ho-chi-minh-city-top-job-cfo/

3. Accounting & Financial Manager _Insurrance_$2000-$3000_HCM

View more here: http://www.hrstrategy.vn/job/hr-strategys-client-ho-chi-minh-manager-accounting-financial-manager/

4. Finance & Accounting Manager_ Hospitality Toursim_ $2000- $3000_HCM

View more here: http://www.hrstrategy.vn/job/hr-strategys-client-hcm-manager-finance-accounting-manager/

5. Chief Accountant_Real Estate_$2000-$2500_HCM

View more here:http://www.hrstrategy.vn/job/hr-strategys-client-ho-chi-minh-supervisor-specialist-chief-accountant/

6. General Accountant Manager _ Manufacturing Company_up to $2000_Long An

View more here:http://www.hrstrategy.vn/job/hr-strategys-client-long-an-manager-general-accounting-manager-3/

7. Chief Accountant _ Chemical Industry _$1500 – $2000_Vung Tau

View more here:  http://www.hrstrategy.vn/job/hr-strategys-client-vung-tau-specialist-chief-accountant/

8. Investment Manager_Manufacturing _$1500-$2000_HCM

View more here: http://www.hrstrategy.vn/job/hr-strategys-client-ho-chi-minh-manager-investment-manager-3/

9. Project Manager_Real Estate_$1000-$1500_HCM

View more herehttp://www.hrstrategy.vn/job/hr-strategys-client-hcm-manager-project-manager/:

10. Chief Accountant_ Real Estate_$1000-$1500_HCM

View more here:http://www.hrstrategy.vn/job/hr-strategys-client-ho-chi-minh-supervisor-specialist-chief-accountant-2/

11. Chief Accountant_ Manufacturing_$1000-$1500_HCM

View more here:http://www.hrstrategy.vn/job/hr-strategys-client-hcm-manager-chief-accountant/

12. Accounting Manager – Chinese Language_$1,000 – $1,400_Dong Nai

View more here: http://www.hrstrategy.vn/job/hr-strategys-client-dong-nai-manager-accounting-manager-chinese-language/

13. General Accountant_Manufacturing_Around $1000_HCM

View more here:http://www.hrstrategy.vn/job/hr-strategys-client-hcm-supervisor-specialist-general-accountant-2/

14. General Accountant_Real Estate_$500-$800_HCM

View more here:http://www.hrstrategy.vn/job/hr-strategys-client-hcm-supervisor-specialist-general-accountant/

Other jobs: http://www.hrstrategy.vn/

If it suits you & your friends in the career path, please email your CVs to resume@hrstrategyvn.com or call/zalo//viber Mr. Việt on 0913 540 339 or Skype ID: recruitment.consultant07 for further support.

By the way, please kindly send us your valuable update resume for our consideration and if you have any concern, please kindly contact us back.

We are always available to support you.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks a lot.

HR Strategy (Headhunter Tuyen dung nhan su cap cao)

HR Strategy (Headhunter in Vietnam Market) 

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