Creative Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

Creative Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

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Creativity is a company’s lifeblood, driving the innovations that stimulate growth and revitalize processes. Whether you are members of a team or leading a department, you have the ability to significantly increase or completely destroy the ability to ‘think creativity’ from your team. This course provides learners rational and logical thinking tools and techniques for decision making, problem solving to improve your company’s productivity.

Objectives: By the end of training course, participants will be able to:  

  • Know and understand the principles of creative thinking using the creative process.
  • Understand right brain vs. left brain and how we use them differently.
  • Follow the steps and use a structured, sequential approach to creative problem solving.
  • Use practical tools and techniques to break monotony and enjoy finding solutions.

Main content: 

Module 1: Creativity and innovation in business 

  • Applying innovative ideas that benefit you and your organisation.
  • Encouraging creativity and innovation
  • Changing your attitude to ensure creativity.
  • What a creative environment needs vs. what has been traditionally valued.
  • How right brain thinking helps you challenge the obvious and ‘think outside the square’.
  • The creative process
  • Distinguish the two main phases in the development of a new idea.
  • The positives-possibilities-concerns (PPC) technique
  • Analyse this technique, which provides beneficial feedback in situations where there may be reservations about the proposed idea.

Module 2: Problem solving and decision making 

  • Problems identification and types of problems
  • Positive approach to problems
  • Recognize, predict & approach
  • Seven steps to solve problems and make decisions (Practice in class)

Tools and techniques for problem solving: 

  • Why-why diagrams: sequential questions to find the root cause and solutions
  • Fish bone diagram: An alternative method of identifying root causes of a problem.
  • Six thinking hats: A methodology to view all aspects of a plan.
  • Mind mapping: a technique to view all possible “for and against” of a plan.
  • Nominal group technique: Structuring a small group process for generating ideas.
  • How-how diagrams: Applying simple techniques for considering alternative solutions. 

Duration: 2 days. Maximum to 25 participants.  

Participants: The course is designed for middle managers, supervisors, team leaders or anyone who needs to develop their creative thinking skills to generate new ideas and resolve problems effectively. 

Trainer: Vietnamese. More than 10 years experiences in professional training give him very good experiences in delivering & sharing the knowledge to other people with the interactive methods and trainee’s focus approach.  

Training Fee: $1600/day. Training fee on promotion: $1200/day from 01/07/2018 to 30/09/2018.

For further details please contact us as below information:

Ms. Sen (08) 3722 8688 _ Ext: 101 (0123 777 2333) – Email:  

Hope this training course could meet your company’s Training Plan.

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