5 Interview Questions to Ask Directors of Marketing

5 Interview Questions to Ask Directors of Marketing

After partnering with some of New York City’s leading technology startups to hire top talent, Betts Recruiting has found many clients aren’t sure who or what experience they’re looking for in their first Director of Marketing hires.

This high-exposure and critical role is a very big commitment for one person that is most likely creating their brand from scratch. Hiring managers need to make sure they’re adding the right person to their team. Here are five interview questions you can ask to help determine if this hire has the ability to succeed in the role:

1) Why do you love marketing?

This question gives the candidate a chance to really show you their passion for this field. You need someone who loves marketing and can work well with a tight budget. Try to get a feel for their “grit” as they tell you their journey in this industry.

2) Tell me about a time where you thought outside the box on a strategic marketing initiative?

This question is going to show you how this marketer stands out amongst others in his or her field. How do they react under pressure? What methods or approaches did they use to think creatively and execute strategically?

3) How are you measured for success in your current role, and how have you exceeded these expectations?

Asking this question is important. Find out what type of Key Performance Indicator (KPI)’s he or she has been held to and how much revenue they brought in.

4) How have you been hands-on in your current role?

The last thing your startups needs is a Director of Marketing who thinks they are only responsible for strategy, and not execution. This person needs to be a “roll-up your sleeves” kind of marketer, and this question can help you dig into that personality trait.

5) What do you think is the number one marketing channel our company should use?

Their answer to this question will show you how prepared they were for your interview. Do they know your ideal clientele or customers? How would they reach out to them (email marketing, SEO, SEM, etc)? If they respond with a detailed outline of their 30-60-90 day plan, then you’re on the right path for hiring a strategic director of marketing.

Collected & Edited By: Customer Service HR Strategy Viet Nam

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